Windows 7 Sensor and Location API

by Matt Bohn May 11, 2009
One of the exciting new additions coming in Windows 7 is the Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform.   The Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform is an API built into Windows 7 that will allow application developers to interact with sensors in a standard way, and it allow a standard way fo... [More]

Topics from MIX08

by Matt Bohn March 13, 2008
Here is the outline from the presentation this morning.   The powerpoint is also attached. IE 8 Beta 1Standards Based - CSS 2.1 and HTML 5Web slicesWeb activitiesAjax NavigationConnection EventsDeveloper ToolsLocal StorageSilverlight 2.0 BetaAdaptive streaming in conjunction with Windows Media ... [More]

MIX08 Day 2

by Matt Bohn March 6, 2008
Today at MIX there was still no shortage of sessions on WPF and SilverLight. This morning I attended a session on "Whats New in WPF and .NET 3.5". The key improvements noted were 1. Deployment improvements - The size of the core .NET runtime needed to run WPF has been made smaller and more compact... [More]

MIX Day 1

by Matt Bohn March 5, 2008
Who said Johny Cash and Microsoft don't mix?  Well at MIX they do, as listeners were serenaded with Johny Cash as they waited for the event to start.  Once it started there was no lack of eye popping demos.    Microsoft kicked off MIX today with keynotes... [More]

MIX08 Registration a Breeze

by Matt Bohn March 4, 2008
Microsoft did a good job of organizing the registration for this event.  I waited in line maybe 15 - 20 minutes at most (not bad in my opinion for an event this size).  No paperwork just verify an ID and its that simple.  The online session registration tool is also very helpful ... [More]

Smooth Fusion visits MIX 08

by Matt Bohn March 4, 2008
Smooth Fusion arrived in Las Vegas today, after a day of travel.  I'm excited to attend tomorrow's sessions on Flash to Silverlight and building rich internet applications with Silverlight.  I look forward to a week of informative presentations from Microsoft, and I hope to bring back... [More]

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